If you’re familiar with boilers, then you know the importance of ensuring it’s working correctly. Boilers can fail for many reasons, and it’s important to respond quickly if you spot any signs of something wrong. Since a boiler is an important electrical component, make sure that you hire professionals for boiler service in Haywards Heath. They will check the issues and fix the same as the earliest.

Here we look at five common signs that indicate your boiler might be about to fail.

Signs that show that your boiler might fail

Unusual noises

A boiler that is beginning to malfunction may make strange noises like whistling, banging or gurgling. These sounds may not always be continuous, so if you have noticed any unusual noise from your boiler, it’s best to investigate further as soon as possible.

Sudden leaks

If there is a leak anywhere in your heating system, then this could eventually cause serious damage to your boiler. Check all the pipes and joints around your home for any damp patches or water leaks that may indicate a system problem.

Low pressure

Your boiler pressure should remain consistent throughout its life, so if you have noticed an unusual decrease in pressure, this could signify an impending failure. Low pressure can also lead to higher bills and reduced efficiency, so it’s important not to ignore it.

Pilots lights going out

If your pilot lights keep blowing out, this could be a sign of poor maintenance or faulty components within the system that need attention before a complete failure occurs. Hence when the signs of pilot lights blinking occur, call an expert for checking the issue.

Strange smells or smoke

Strong odours and smoke are never good signs when it comes to boilers! They often indicate an accumulation of dirt and debris in the system, which will need cleaning out by a professional engineer before any further damage is caused by a potential failure occurring elsewhere in the system.


All homeowners must pay close attention to their boilers and seek help as soon as they notice these signs appearing to ensure that their systems remain operating safely and efficiently for years to come.


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