A reliable and efficient boiler is important for keeping the home warm throughout the year. Like other appliances, the boiler needs to be serviced and maintained properly to stay in good condition.

If this appliance is not serviced, there is a high chance that you will need to spend a lot of money on costly repairs or replacements later.

Boiler servicing is something you should consider. If you want to keep your home warm, reduce power bills and extend the appliance’s durability, opting for professional boiler service is obvious.

For this, you must look for a leading repairing company like RG Shed Plumbing and Heating that offers specialised boiler service in Haywards Heath and nearby locations.

The Major Reasons Why You Need To Opt For Annual Boiler Repairs


Like a car servicing, a boiler servicing unit, involves detecting potential boiler issues. If the gas engineer is about the issue, they will solve it before it worsens. This could save you thousands of pounds on major repairs and prevent unwanted disturbance to the heating supply. Replacing the damaged boiler is very costly, so it is recommended that minor issues are maintained regularly and repaired annually.


Another reason it is so important to have the boiler serviced and maintained is that it helps ensure that the appliance is working great. If the boiler is not working at its maximum level, it can result in paying a huge sum of money on the power bills. Hire a professional boiler repairing engineer who will test and inspect the boiler’s components and determine whether anything needs replacing.

You must remember that new boilers also need maintenance to keep them working in the utmost condition.


Boilers are one of the most useful appliances for heating your home and water supply. However, if they become faulty, they can threaten the lives of those living in the homes. Units that are not installed correctly or regularly serviced can produce carbon monoxide, which is fatal.


Many boiler manufacturers include regular maintenance in the warranty terms. Failing to do so might void the warranty, leaving you totally responsible for covering the repairing costs that could have otherwise been covered in the warranty terms.

If you want to keep your boiler working for a longer time without hefty expenses, maintain it on a regular basis. For best results, you call the experts from RG Shed Plumbing and Heating. We offer efficient boiler service in Haywards Heath and nearby locations. Get in touch with us and discuss your needs.