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The job of the central heating system is to heat the whole property effectively. A well-maintained central heating system will work flawlessly and, most importantly, silently. Have you been hearing weird noises from the central heating system lately? Why is the system noisy?

Strange sounds like metal banging, radiator noise, problems with pipework, and humming noises can be a constant source of nuisance and are also an indication that you need to call professionals for central heating repair in Haywards Heath.

What are the different types of noises that are generated from the central heating system?

Noisy pipes and radiators

If the metal pipes inside the central heater heat up too much, they make creaking and gurgling noises. When they expand, they rub against other surfaces of the walls and floors, which further damages the pipes and the radiators. If you hear such noises, try turning down the thermostat before you call the professionals. Overheating is a major problem for central heating systems. Reducing the temperature might work at times.

Metallic banging noise from the boiler

If you hear metallic banging sounds in the boiler, it might be coming from within the system. It is an indication of a serious issue. This noise is majorly caused when lime deposits build up within the boiler. Due to the buildup of lime deposits, the flow of water is restricted to the central heating system. So, when excess heat turns into steam, the boiler makes a banging noise.

Dripping noise from pipes

Are you hearing dripping noises coming out from the boiler? Then there might be some issue with the pipework in the central heating system. Check for leaks in different parts of the pipe so that you can get rid of the dripping noises. If the dripping noises continue, you’ll be burdened with high electricity bills. Hence, it is not a good idea to ignore them in the long run. Get them fixed as soon as possible.

Humming noise from the pump

If you hear a humming noise from the pump, which is accompanied by vibration, then you need to adjust the pump speed. This type of noise is generally produced from a malfunctioning pump. Get in touch with the experts to repair the same.

If your central heating system is malfunctioning and you hear these noises, contact R.G.Shed Plumbing & Heating Engineers for repair services.