Before winter arrives, scheduling the annual boiler servicing is necessary for domestic and commercial premises. Since boilers are a major necessity during the winter, getting them serviced annually is necessary. With proper annual maintenance, you’ll avoid high energy bills from boilers. Moreover, without proper servicing, you can be at risk of being exposed to carbon monoxide gas for a long time. For annual boiler service in Haywards Heath, make sure that you call a professional engineer. They will check minutely and devise proper solutions if any problems are present in your boiler.

However, during every annual maintenance servicing that you’ve been scheduling, make sure that you keep this checklist in mind.

Five things to check during every annual boiler servicing

Check the leaks

During annual maintenance, ensure you check for leaks and corrosion on the pipes and fitting parts of the boiler. If you notice any problem, it is important to get the same fixed at the earliest so that the boiler doesn’t malfunction during the winter seasons.

Check the heat exchanger

Over one year, when you’re using the boiler, debris and dirt might build up in layers over the heat exchanger. So, during the annual inspection, it is necessary to get the heat exchanger checked, serviced and repaired so that the boiler starts working fine.

Test the safety devices

Different safety devices like boiler safety valves, water level alarms and pressure gauges might function well so that the boiler works safely. During the annual maintenance process, ensure you check if the safety devices in the boiler are working well.

Check the chimney

If you have a gas or oil furnace, ensure the chimney works fine. This is a vital part of the boiler that must also be checked. Keep the chimney free from obstructions so the boiler works fine without any intervention.

Fix the boiler lights and controls

The pilot light should work properly to help the user know when the water has become hot and when to switch off the boiler. Thus it is necessary to include the servicing and fixing these light control buttons so that the boiler gives the correct message to the user.

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